Spelman College * Class of 1985 * 35th Reunion * May 14 - 17, 2020
Soon we will be celebrating our 35th Class Reunion! Visit this page often for updates on all Class Reunion activities being planned on your behalf , both by the College and the Class of ’85 Reunion Committee, as well as costs, deadlines, and the many ways you can give to Spelman.
See schedule below for times and locations.

For planning purposes, let us know if you are attending any activities during the Reunion 2020 Weekend by clicking the RSVP button.


Class Gifts – A Gift of Love


Reunion giving plays an important role in celebrating and preserving the rich history and traditions of Spelman College.  Don’t forget to show your love for sisterhood, legacy, and Spelman by making your class gift. If you would like more information about your giving history, please contact Doris Pierce-Hardy at 404-270-6417 or dpierceh@spelman.edu.

Each fiscal year, Spelman tallies the total amount of gifts she receives by Class.

We have set our Class of 1985 Reunion 2020 Giving Goals as:

1. Increase our annual giving total to $100,000+ (ALL funds must be received by 5/15/2020 by 2 p.m. EST)

2. Increase our giving percentage of the number of classmates making a gift to 50% participation.


The Class of 1985 Gift for Reunion 2020

Any gift made to the College by an alumna during her reunion year will count for the Reunion Class Gift, regardless of the designation. The 35th Class Reunion Committee is asking every sister of the Class of 1985 to consider increasing her gift to Spelman College in honor of our 35th Class Reunion.

Here are some giving levels and methods you may wish to consider:

 $ 35 every month from now until Reunion


$ 85 every month from now until Reunion


Give a gift of at least $1,985 by Reunion

Give more... or give less. 

It is not the amount of the gift, but the number of alumnae who give! 

Will a small gift make a difference?

Yes, every gift counts! With 100% participation, even $10, $20, or $25 gifts add up and can provide more

financial support the College can utilize.

Why is alumnae participation important?

Alumnae participation reflects the number of alumnae that give – not the total dollar amount of gifts.

Alumnae gifts are extremely important to the College. Alumnae participation is used to determine

National rankings (e.g. U.S. News & World Report) and as a factor in funding consideration from

corporations, foundations, and government grants.

Can we count on you to be counted in that number?

What you can do now

  • Check-in with Spelman to ensure ANY and ALL gifts you make to the school are recorded correctly.*

  • Consider setting up a giving payment plan with Spelman beginning this month.

  • Check with your employer (or spouse’s employer) to confirm whether or not they participate in a corporate match program; then enroll in the match-program.

  • You can also visit https://​www.spelman.edu/giving/ways-to-give to find out if your company has a matching gift policy.

  • Or simply give directly to the college online: https://invest.everywomaneveryyear.org/project/19088/wall

  • Remember, any donation you make to Spelman during the fiscal year can count toward your annual gift.

  • If you would like more information about your giving history, please contact Annual Giving at Spelman College,    Doris Pierce-Hardy at 404-270-6417 or dpierceh@spelman.edu.


Reunion registration is now OPEN!

Simply click this button to secure your spot: https://www.spelmanlane.org/reunion2020 

* Make sure that you indicate that your gift is for “The Class of 1985.”

Spelman College Class of 1985
35th Reunion Weekend Schedule

Join Us

Thursday, May 14

Time TBA

Welcome Back SpelHouse Gathering

Location TBA

Friday, May 15
7:45 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Spelman College

Reunion Activities

Traditional White attire

Sisterhood Breakfast

Reunion Convocation

Class Pictures

Class Meeting 

Alumnae Arch March

Location: Campus

Friday, May 15

Time TBA


White Party*

*Included with payment of Activity Fee

Location TBA

Saturday, May 16

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Spelman College

Baccalaureate and NAASC Annual Meeting

Location: Campus

Saturday, May 16

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Class of 1985 SpelHouse


*Included with payment of Activity Fee

Location TBA

Saturday, May 16

7 p.m.

Spelman College

True Blue Gala

Cocktail Attire


Georgia International Convention Center

Sunday, May 17
Time TBA

Class of 1985



Location TBA

Sunday, May 17
3 PM

Spelman College



Georgia International Convention Center

*Activity Fee

The reunion committee has planned several additional C’85 activities -- social activities in addition to those included in the Spelman College Reunion 2020 registration fee. These events are SpelHouse activities with our Morehouse brothers, including a Thursday Social, a Friday night "White" Party, a Cookout on Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday Brunch. Based on our assessment, we are asking each classmate for an activity fee of $85.00* to cover rental costs, food and additional expenses for the cookout and white party (*the Early Bird $85 fee will increase to $100 after March 15, 2020.) Please send your payment via PayPal. First select: “friends and family” to avoid a service charge then search: spelmanclassof85@yahoo.com.  

The White Attire Tradition: 2020 

White dress, skirt suit, or pant suit, flesh tone hosiery and black closed-toe shoes worn by alumnae and students at Founders Day, Class Day, March through the Alumnae Arch, Baccalaureate, and Commencement Exercises, among other traditional activities.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Have a question or a comment?

Send a message to spelmanclassof85@yahoo.com